DoJang Rules

  • Always bow to the flags every time you enter and exit your Do Jang
    • Always Wear your belt during class
    • Always Wear your full training uniforms to every grading
    • Wear a standard colour (Black/white tops) if you don’t have your correct training uniform
    • Always answer your instructor after every command – with SIR / MA’AM
    • Always repeat the counts loudly during class
    • Always call your higher belts by their correct title
    • Always listen to what your superior belts have to say first
    • Never try get out of any punishments when given
    • Always start class on time
    • If you are late make sure you complete the punishments before joining the rest of the class
    • Lower belts must always tidy up all bags and flags at the end of class
    • Everyone must make sure that the Hall is neat and tidy before leaving
    • Always let your instructor know if you will not be able to make class
    • Always pay your fees on time